On behalf of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) and the National Committee on Water Engineering of Engineers Australia (EA), I am delighted to announce the success of the 11th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics in Melbourne last February 2016. Ecohydraulics is central to many challenges facing river and water resource management around the world. Ecohydraulics links the disciplines of hydraulics with aquatic ecology, water engineering, fluvial geomorphology and biogeochemistry. The International Symposium on Ecohydraulics is the premier international meeting for scientists and innovative practitioners working across these disciplines focussing on the underpinning science and its application.

This meeting was jointly run with the Engineers Australia 12th Conference on Hydraulics in Water Engineering under the theme of “Hydraulics and the Environment – Working with Nature”. The last decade has seen rapid innovation in environmental applications of hydraulics with a transformation in environmental flows, integrated floodplain management and fish passage in Australia and elsewhere in the world. This joint meeting was an exciting opportunity to discuss lessons from this recent period of extreme droughts, floods and water reform in Australia with the international ecohydraulics community.

We hope you enjoyed the symposium in Melbourne at the height of Melbourne’s summer in 2016, for a stimulating and enjoyable meeting.


Associate Professor Michael Stewardson
ISE2016 LOC Chair
Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Group
Melbourne School of Engineering
The University of Melbourne